Chorobek Sheranov (Kyrgyzstan, QSS '26)

October 13, 2022

Chorobek is from Kyrgyzstan. He graduated high school and completed his senior year in the U.S with the FLEX exchange program. He has been involved in many extracurricular activities including sports, computer programming, olympiads, school clubs and volunteering activities. At CEU, he is enrolled in a BA program in Quantitative Social Sciences. 

What is your goal in life?

To become an expert in my field who will contribute to making Kyrgyzstan a better country with a better economy. I am ready for working in teams and leading them to win.

Why did you choose your course of study?

My academic background and interests perfectly fit the QSS program. I like counting things and making decisions based on data. Moreover, computer programming is something I wanted my future profession to be connected with. QSS is a wonderful mixture of all of them.

What do you hope to gain from your time at CEU?

I hope to get a good background for building a career. By communicating and working with professors and multicultural students from CEU I hope to gain many new soft skills and improve academically.