Poland, Aleksandra Cwik-Mohanty (CHSP '18)

December 22, 2022

Aleksandra is currently working as a Senior Consultant at KEA European Affairs in Brussels, a consultancy serving public and private institutions to support their culture-driven policymaking. She utilises her hybrid office to spend as much time as possible in her beloved Warsaw, where she also runs a CEU alumni chapter, among other voluntary activities. Aleksandra graduated from the Cultural Heritage Studies Program in 2018, and she has benefited a lot from the knowledge gained at CEU in the course of her career to date. Previously, she worked in academia and researched heritage-driven rural development, focusing on sustainable tourism, social innovation in rural peripheries, and animal welfare. 

 Why volunteer for CEU?

There are countless reasons for volunteering, but CEU was my obvious choice. Not only have I worked at the Alumni Relations Office for a brief while, which helped me to understand the tremendous importance of alumni engagement for a university, but also, the uncertainty of the world today made me see how comforting it is to have a network of people to rely on. I decided to help create yet another one to, hopefully, bring a little bit more stability and fun that our fellow alumni can count on and utilise if need be. Ambitious, I know, but I guess there is nothing less that can be expected from a CEU alum. 

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