Campaign donors 2023

CEU alumni and friends around the world have taken action - and made a real impact - by supporting their University via the Alumni Campaign. See below for names of those who have contributed this year. Don't see your name? Make your gift today, join your fellow alums and be recognized! 

Curious about what those icons aside certain names mean? Check the Alumni Donor Societies page to find out!

Class of 1994
Olena Borysova (Ukraine, ENVS) 

Class of 1998

Justus Schönlau (Germany, IRES) 

Class of 2000

 Constantin Nicolae (Romania, ECON)  

Class of 2009

Matej Kurian (Slovakia, POLS) 

Class of 2010

Marina Cernov  (Moldova, ECON) 

Class of 2018
Noah Buyon (USA, NATI)  
Daniel Gurmankin (USA,POLS)  
Therese Murphy (USA, SPP)