CEU 30 for 30 Alumni Matching Gift Challenge 2021

Donor quotes

"CEU has brought me so much knowledge, happiness and joy. So many long lasting friendships and opportunties. I wish this small donation from me to you [current students] will make your studying experience even better." - Andrija Visic, SPP ‘15, Loyalty Donor

“Without the CEU scholarship that I received when I was a student, I wouldn't be where I am today, so I am glad to give back to CEU and its students, especially during these challenging times.”Melissa Bandi, HIST ’04, Loyalty Donor

“CEU changed my life and I am happy to be able to offer at least something back to my Alma Mater. I hope very much that my little gift will contribute positively to the destiny of at least someone that is or will be enrolled as a student at CEU.” - Serghei Botezatu, ECON ‘94, Milestone Donor

Another year is drawing to a close. But it’s not just any year - it’s the 30th anniversary of the founding of CEU! Now, help celebrate our university’s history, support its future - and accept the ‘CEU 30 for 30 Alumni Matching Gift Challenge’ today.

We’re challenging alumni to step up and help their alma mater transition to a new chapter in its Vienna home. And there’s no better time to do that: From now until December 31, every gift to the Alumni Campaign – for scholarships for future leaders like these, departmental support, and unrestricted giving – will be matched, euro for euro, doubling the impact of every gift.

Accept the challenge, make your gift and maximize your impact!

The inspiration

After several challenging years, a new future for CEU is in sight. But to get there will require the help of everyone in the community – especially alumni.

Vladislav Shayman (LEGS ’06, EMBA ’14, Russia) understands this. He recently made a gift of EUR 30,000 to CEU – and a challenge to alumni to join him in supporting the university. From now until year’s end, he’ll match every alumni gift to CEU. Make your gift today.

Why give?

Alumni support is critical to helping the university meet its goals and helping talented students benefit from a world-class CEU education. The matching gift challenge seeks to raise $60,000 by December 31 in support of these aims.

More importantly, it seeks to inspire the alumni community to act during this pivotal time and engage as many alumni as possible – from regular alumni donors to those getting involved for the very first time. Are you up for it?

What’s different this year?

Lots. Firstly, CEU is marking a true milestone this year. In three decades it’s delivered world-class education and research, graduated more than 18,000 individuals who make an impact around the world, and overcome challenges that might have sunk other universities. Now, it’s made a new start for itself, with a new rector and big plans for the Otto Wagner campus.

And this year there are 30 future leaders studying at CEU, one for every year of its history, who embody the vision and promise of our university - thanks to CEU alumni donors.

Now, with 30 years of history, 30 alumni scholarship recipients - and Vladislav’s generous gift of 30,000 euro – it’s time to join your fellow alumni, take advantage of this opportunity and maximize your impact in support of our university.

Please join us and make your gift – and double your impact – today!

Or, if you prefer, use PayPal.

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Campaign Donors

Jan Adamec (Czech Republic, HIST '04) 
Yuliya Aliyeva (Azerbaijan, GENS '03) 
Nikolay Angelov (Bulgaria, ECON '05)
Marina Arabidze (Georgia, ENVS '08) 
Asenka Asenova (Bulgaria, ECON '07)
Helmuts Azacis (Latvia, ECON '00) 
Adina Babesh-Fruchter (Romania, NATI '06)
Anton Bakhtyr (Ukraine, POLS '08)
Gaspar Balint (Romania, EMBA '14)
Yulia Barabanova (Russian Federation, ENVS '08 and '14) 
Jasminka Begert (Bosnia and Herzegovina, ECON '98) 
Sara Benavides (USA, IRES '11) 
Ljiljana Biukovic (Serbia, LEGS '94) 
Botond Bognar (Hungary, POLS '04)
Olena Borysova (Ukraine, ENVS '94)  
Meiko Boynton (USA, SPP '16) 
Radana Brabnikova (Czech Republic, LEGS '04) 
Ruslanas Bronikovas (Lithuania, LEGS '98) 
Nadir Burnashev (Kazakhstan, ECON '95) 
Octavian Vladimir Carare (Romania, ECON '95)  
Alina Carare (Romania, ECON '95)  
Stefan Catrina (Romania, ECON '15) 
Jerzy Celichowski (Hungary, IRES '98)  
Daniel Chamberlain (USA, POLS '03) 
Friederike von Coelln (Germany, SPP '15)
Mihai Copaciu (Romania, ECON '04)  
Slavica Cubric (North Macedonia, LEGS '05)
Dragos Cucereanu (Moldova, LEGS '99) 
Aleksandra Cwik (Poland, CHSP '18)
Peter DeBartolo (USA, POLS '08)
Mirko Djordjevic (Serbia, LEGS '95)   
Alexandra Donskova-Huber (Belarus, LEGS '06) 
Benjamin Dug (Bosnia and Herzegovina, ECBS '19) 
Tomas Dvorak (Czech Republic, ECON '95) 
Santwana Dwivedy (India, LEGS '17) 
Nora Erdei (Hungary, EMBA '16) 
Brian Fabo (Slovakia, POLS '12) 
Zachariah Falconer-Stout (USA, IRES '09)  
Mihai Farcas (Romania, LEGS '05)
Andreja Files-Ruzic (Croatia, LEGS '96)  
Anna Firsova (Russian Federation, ENVS '03)    
Marek Follrich (Slovakia, LEGS '12) 
David Fromm (USA, IRES '95)
Mindia Gadaevi (Georgia, ECON '98) 
Zorana Gajic (Serbia, POLS '97)  
Hender Gercio (Philippines, GENS '15) 
Iulia Ghergut (Romania, ENVS '98) 
Anna Giedrys (Poland, IRES '97) 
Madalina Gligor (Romania, IRES '06)  
Tatiana Glushko (Russian Federation, ENVS '99)
Giorgi Gogia (Georgia, POLS '00)
Gabor Gosztonyi (Hungary, IMCE '91)  
Gerald Gugerty (USA, IRES '11) 
Ana Gurau (Moldova, DPP '11) 
Armin Haeberle (Germany, POLS '05) 
Bruno Hasa (Albania, SPP '19)  
Dora Hayes (Hungary, BUSI '05)
Zsofia Hermann (Hungary, LEGS '02)
Gabor Heves (Hungary, ENVS '97)  
Jiri Huml (Czech Republic, ECON '92)  
Hana Huzjak (Croatia, DPP '12)
Samuel Hyravy (Slovakia, INTR '19)
Anastasiya Idrisova (Tajikistan, ENVS '10 and '17) 
Evgenia Ilnitskaya (Russian Federation, GENS '06) 
Nevena Ivanovic (Serbia, GENS '99) 
Karima Jambulatova (Kazakhstan, GENS '02)  
Nana Janashia (Georgia, ENVS '97) 
Peter Jancarik (Slovakia, POLS '06)
Paulius Joksas (Lithuania, ECON '04) 
Ausra Jurkeviciute (Lithuania, ENVS '94) 
Milda Kaklauskaite (Lithuania, INTR '17)
Ivan Kalburov (Bulgaria, IRES '08)
Rustis Kamuntavicius (Lithuania, HIST '98) 
Michael Kanu (Sierra Leone, LEGS '15 and '18) 
Edin Karakas (Croatia, LEGS '03) 
Armine Khachatryan (Armenia, EMBA '05) 
Nurangiz Khodzharova (Russian Federation, IRES '08) 
David Knuth (Hungary, BUSI '06)  
Janos Kocsany (Hungary, EMBA '11)  
Irina Korablev (Russian Federation, ECON '97) 
Aaron Korenewsky (USA, NATI '15; SPP '16) 
Emilia Korytkowska (Poland, GENS '06) 
Maria Krauze (Russian Federation, IRES '04) 
Juhan Kreem (Estonia, MEDS '94) 
Anna Krozser (Hungary, IR '12) 
Konstantin Kurganov (Ukraine, LEGS '94) 
Matej Kurian (Slovakia, POLS '09) 
Biljana Lalic (Croatia, NATI '16)  
Mark Laszlo-Herbert (Hungary, HIST '02) 
Tadas Leoncikas (Lithuania, SOCI '96)
Hui Li (China, EMBA '13) 
Aleksandra Lis (Poland, SOCI '07 and '13)  
Liudmila Liutsko (Belarus, ENVS '97)
Dzmitry Loisha (Belarus, LEGS '05)
Tyler Lovellette (USA, NATI '08)  
Shelby Magid (USA, INTR '17)
Sara Maksimovic (Croatia, GENS '18)
Barnabas Malnay (Hungary, POLS '98)
Monika Metykova (Slovakia, GENS '99) 
Corrado Minardi (Italy, SPP '17)
Snezana Misic Mihaljovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, ENVS '99) 
Sejla Mujan (Bosnia and Herzegovina, LEGS '14) 
Joseph Murray (USA, SOCL '10)
Sarah Nedolast (USA, IRES '98)   
Rasti Nikolic (Croatia, EMBA '13) 
Neda Nordin (Lithuania, ENVS '98)
Jahor Novikau (Belarus, IRES '98) 
Alexei Novozhilov (Russian Federation, LEGS '99) 
Anna Osinska Cocker (Poland, LEGS '05) 
John Oziegbe (Nigeria, LEGS '06) 
Adrian Papandile (Albania, ENVS '99)
Natalka Patsurko (Ukraine, SOCI '92)
Krisztina Perlaky-Toth (Hungary, ECON '15)  
Kristaps Petermanis (Latvia, GENS '06) 
Vesna Petrovic (Croatia, ENVS '98) 
Chad Poitras (Canada, IRES '05) 
Jessica Preston (USA, INTR '16)  
Igor Prochazka (Croatia, SEES ' 00)     
Alex Quintus (Hungary, EMBA '13) 
Victor Rotari (Moldova, SPP '19)  
Nina Rozhanovskaya (Russian Federation, POLS '07) 
Maria Rumbol (UK, LEGS '19)
Zulfia Sabirova (Uzbekistan, GENS '97) 
Rima Sargsyan (Armenia, IRES '13)
Marta Schmale (Hungary, EMBA '06) 
Julian Schneider (USA, NATI '18)
Justus Schonlau (Germany, IRES '98)  
Vladislav Shayman (Russian Federation, LEGS '06, EMBA '14)  
Iakov Shchukin (Russian Federation, POLS '98) 
Tome Shekerdjiev (North Macedonia, LEGS '05)
Irina Sherbanova (Bulgaria, ECON '05) 
Xenia Shevnina (Russian Federation, POLS '04)  
Iuliia Shulga (Ukraine, GENS '09)
Hanna Siarova (Belarus, DPP '10) 
Tamas Simon (Hungary, LEGS '95) 
Jennifer Simpson (USA, POLS '14)
Emma Sjokvist (Sweden, SPP '17) 
Dragan Stavljanin (Serbia, IRES '95) 
Max Steuer (Slovakia, IRES '15) 
Ondrej Stefek (Czech Republic, POLS '99) 
Ioana Stefu (Romania, ECON '08)  
Szabolcs Steiner (Hungary, LEGS '12)
Marija Stojanovska Rupcic (North Macedonia, GENS '09, SPP '15) 
Yevgeniy Stotyka (Ukraine, ECON '03)   
Sara Sudetic (Serbia, NATI '15) 
Jiri Svarc (Czech Republic, IRES '98) 
Serge Sych (Ukraine, IRES '97 and LEGS '99)  
Bence Szabo (Hungary, ECON '17)
Tibor Tajti (LEGS '94 and '01) 
Kristaps Tamuzs (Latvia, LEGS '03) 
Martina von Terzi (Czech Republic, ECON '04)
Sergio Tirado-Herrero (Spain, ENVS '13)
Elisa Totino (Italy, SPP '17)
Maria Trofimova (Russian Federation, GENS '01) 
Bermet Tursunkulova (Kyrgyzstan, IRES '99) 
Marija Tvarohova (Ukraine, POLS '04)
Zsuzsanna Vegh (Hungary, IRES '12) 
Giel Verbeeck (Netherlands, ECON '97)  
Peter Vermes (Hungary, EMBA '18) 
Andrija Visic (Croatia, SPP '15) 
Zuzana Vojtekova (Slovakia, IRES '04)  
Zofia Voda (Slovakia, SOCL '08) 
Megan Volk (USA, DPP '09)
Vitaliy Yermolenko (Ukraine, ENVS '98) 
Takaomi Yoshimoto (Japan, BUSI '16 and '17) 
Anca Wade (Romania, SOCI '00)
Farida Weber (Azerbaijan, EMBA '04) 
Aleksandra Zinoveva (Russian Federation, ECBS '19)
Nick Zubanov (Russian Federation, ECON '03) 
Boriana Zuber-Marinova (Bulgaria, IRES '95)