CEU Phonathon 2019

Hundreds of CEU alumni generously pledged more than $19,000 in support of the university during this year’s CEU Phonathon. That’s a great show of support!

Thanks to everyone who pledged. If you have pledged but haven’t contributed yet, it’s time! Please fulfill your pledge and make your gift today! (If you haven’t pledged, it’s not too late to make your gift as well!)

This year’s Phonathon student callers reached more than 1,500 alumni around the world. Callers updated alumni on recent university news, talked with them about their lives and work, invited them to this year’s Reunion Gala and more! See below for another look at this year’s great crew!

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Phonathon may be over, but you can still update your contact info (phone, email) today, and learn how to get involved via the CEUImpact alumni campaign. See below to meet this year's fabulous callers and make your gift today! 

phonathon 2019 callers

Bruno Hasa (SPP ’19, Albania)
I see Phonathon as an opportunity to grow professionally and further cultivate my communication and team building skills. I’m very much looking forward to talking to CEU alumni worldwide and serve as an ambassador for our university via this campaign.

Anna Bulgakova (NATI '19, Russian Federation) 
I’m Anna! I was born in Ukraine but was raised in Russia. I have decided to participate in the Phonathon because I would like to learn more about our alumni community, gain experience in fundraising and make an impact to our amazing CEU community. 


Dana Abu Lail (SPP '19, Palestine)
Before coming to Budapest I lived and worked in Ramallah. I’m looking forward to be part of the alumni family and to give back to CEU. I think phonathon will help develop skills I'll be using in my future career.

Dusan Arsovski (PHIL ’19, Serbia)
I am interested in the philosophy of politics. I joined the phonathon team to gain valuable experience and knowledge while also studying at CEU.

Gulnoza Khasanova (MEDS ’19, Tajikistan)
I’m a 2nd year MA student of the Cultural Heritage Studies program. I’m Uzbek by ethnicity, Tajik by citizenship, global in mind. Russian is my mother tongue. I joined the phonathon because I believe in the power of giving and I hope to gain insight to life after CEU by talking to alumni themselves! 

Isabel Seiden (IR ’19, USA)
I came to CEU partly because my program is one of the best in the world and partly because I really wanted to be back in Budapest. I'm in love with the community  here. I was motivated to be a caller for Phonathon to help alumni stay involved in that community, and learn about where their CEU degrees have taken them!

Linh Tong (SPP ’19, Vietnam)
Hi, I’m Linh! Being a scholarship recipient myself, I appreciate the value of philanthropy in helping people fulfil their potential. In this phonathon I want to help generate support for students in need, while also connecting with CEU alumni around the world! 


Nikkon Balial (IR ’20, India) 
I’m Nikkon! I’m one of this year’s Alumni Scholarship Recipients. I decided to get involved with Phonathon to further enhance my communications skills and get in touch with our community, graduates from all departments. I look forward to speaking with you!


Srabasti Sarker (IR ’19, Bangladesh)
Hello everyone! I am Srabasti, currently studying International Political Economy. I’m looking forward to speaking with you, given the diversity you represent and the experiences that we share. I hope to get to know as many of you as possible over the next five weeks!

Zainab Shumail (GENS ’19, Pakistan)
I joined the phonathon to connect with my CEU peers and the alumni community I’ll soon join. Extracurricular experiences have complemented and transformed my graduate experience for the better, and I hope this well add to my student experience.


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