Apply For Visa Assistance

Do you require a visa to enter Hungary for Alumni Reunion 2020? Please fill in the form below for you and your guests, if any, so we can prepare the official CEU letter of invitation you'll need to obtain your visa. 

Please indicate where you'll be staying during your time in Budapest, which will be on your invitation letter, please note that accommodation at the dormitory has filled up. Also be aware that we can only issue the invitation letter once you have purchased your Reunion ticket, and with a valid booking for accommodation.
Please indicate the date of your arrival in Hungary and date of your departure. Please note that we can only issue the invitation letter within the time frame of the reunion weekend itself.
Children and/or spouses can be included in your invitation letter in case Reunion ticket has been purchased.
Add full name, date of birth and nationality, plus passport number, issue date and expiration date for each guest.