Coronavirus protocol for CEU events at the CEU campus in Budapest

Coronavirus protocol for CEU events at the CEU campus in Budapest

Valid from 15th September 2021 until further notice. Please be aware that as regulations are liable to change at short notice, organizers should be prepared to switch an event online. 


Registering your event with CEU 

• On-site events must be approved by the Event and Space Management team (ESM), and if necessary, by the Emergency Response Team (ESM to make this call) to ensure all covid related requirements are met during the event. First point of contact: Events and Space Management – 

• You must submit to a detailed concept of your planned event at least 2 weeks before the event is due to take place to allow a cross-checking with regulations in place—Please include: estimated number of participants (external or internal audience), responsible contact person, planned location of the event, draft agenda if available, proposed safety measures, any information you may find relevant. 


Entry rules 

  • Should you feel sick or have symptoms, do not enter the campus, stay at home and consult your doctor if needed. 
  • Do not enter the campus if someone living in your household is sick, or in the past two weeks you have been in contact with a person who is sick and shows the symptoms of coronavirus. 
  • By entering the campus you acknowledge and accept the special measures detailed in this protocol and in the information posters in the building. Campus security personnel are authorized to check compliance and can remove anyone who is found not adhering to the safety regulations. 
  • Onsite events can be attended only with a valid immunity certificate (EU, Hungarian or vaccination certificate of these countries ).
  • We kindly ask each participant to show their immunity certificate together with a personal identification document to the organizers and security guard when checking-in for the event onsite.  
  • Entry is allowed in masks only. Upon entering the buildings security service might do random body temperature checks. It is strongly advised to use the hand sanitizers and wash hands regularly following the guidelines in the washrooms. It is advised to keep at least 1 meter distance while on campus. All must wear a mask when using common spaces at CEU. Common spaces include lobbies, washrooms, hallways, staircases, kitchens, catering areas, elevators. 
  • Spontaneous gatherings should be avoided. Open windows and/or doors regularly. Avoid transmission during events, meetings, for example avoid sharing pens and other objects. 
  • Elevators: It is advised to use the stairs if feasible. It is advised to use the elevators with the lowest possible number of passengers, maximum 2 people should travel at the same time. Use your elbow to push the buttons. 
  • No self-service catering is allowed unless all items are previously and safely packed and ordered from a professional provider. 


Should a participant test positive within 10 days after the event, they should contact their GP, inform the GP that they attended an event and follow their instructions. CEU community members should also contact Authorities might request the registration list for contact tracking.