Get your alumni card

NOTE: CEU's Budapest campus has undergone a limited, phased re-opening, including library access for alumni cardholders. Please see full reopening protocol. 

For safety reasons please consider limiting your access. Your alumni team continues to work remotely, and drop-in alumni services remain unavailable. Alumni card pickup is by appointment, at the Nador 15 reception desk. Questions?  Write us.

The CEU Alumni Card allows you to take advantage of a number of benefits and services, such as CEU library access, professional development services, discounts with our corporate partners and much more. 

Card benefits: 

  • Access to CEU and CEU Library without prior arrangement. 
  • Library privileges: upon request. To receive borrowing privileges, please submit a request, in person or via email, to the Alumni Relations office for the required letter of support.
  • Discounts from local restaurants, shops, gyms and others. 

Get yours today:

  • It's easy to order your card. Your request will take approximately 2-3 days to process, at which time we'll email you as soon as your card is ready. You can pick it up on campus.
  • NOTE: Your card has no expiration date and you're free to use it at any time. Your first card is free, however lost or damaged cards can be replaced for an administrative fee of €10. 

* IMPORTANT: To be eligible, you must have graduated from a CEU degree program or completed specific non-degree programs. Questions about eligibility? Write to us:

**Your CEU Alumni Membership Card  has no expiration date and does not need to be renewed. Your first card will be issued free of charge. However, should you lose it, your replacement card will be issued for €10. 

***Already have an alumni card and are planning to use services on the new CEU campus soon? Please get in touch to request a replacement. All you need to do is order your new CEU alumni card beforehand. We’ll issue it free of charge and you can pick it up from our office.  Don’t forget to bring along your old one  to avoid paying a €10 fee. 

****Alumni card can be mailed to you. Shipping costs €10 and can be paid online at