CEU Alumni News

CEU Alumnus Publishes Historical Memoir

March 4, 2024

CEU Alumnus Nicholas Kinloch (IRES, 2004) has published a new book titled, “From the Soviet Gulag to Arnhem, A Polish Paratrooper’s Epic Wartime Journey.” 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of World War II’s Operation Market Garden, an Allied military operation fought in the German-occupied Netherlands.  This book tells the remarkable story of Stanislaw Kulik, a Polish paratrooper who travelled halfway around the world from a Soviet Gulag, through central Asia and the Middle East, to the United Kingdo

Research in the Spotlight | PhD Graduate Marko Miljkovic on: “Tito's Proliferation Puzzle - The Yugoslav Nuclear Program, 1948-1970”

October 16, 2023

PhD graduate Marko Miljkovic, from CEU’s Department of History, received one of the university’s Best Dissertation Awards this year, in recognition of his thesis research, titled “Tito's Proliferation Puzzle - The Yugoslav Nuclear Program, 1948-1970”.

CEU spoke with Miljkovic about his research on the Yugoslav nuclear program and the major archival collection that sparked his project. This is part of the series “Research in the Spotlight” which features the projects recognized in CEU’s 2023 Best Dissertation Awards  

CEU Women Making a Difference | Alumna Kristina Kallas on Education and Research in Estonia

October 16, 2023

In April 2023, EU alumna Kristina Kallas became Estonia’s Minister of Education and Research, where she leads education policy and initiatives for the country. CEU spoke with Kallas about her leadership role in Estonia’s ministry and how her studies at CEU have shaped her trajectory advancing education and research. This article is part of the series, “CEU Women Making a Difference”, which features outstanding CEU alumni changemakers.

CEU Women Making a Difference | Alumna Victorina Luca Receives Inaugural Global Anti-Racism Champions Award

August 21, 2023

CEU alumna Victorina Luca was honored as an awardee in the U.S. State Department’s inaugural Global Anti-Racism Champions Awards this month for her changemaking work championing racial equity in Moldova. Luca is one of six outstanding civil society leaders awarded, all of whom were nominated by U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world.

CEU Legal Studies Alumna Vladislava Stoyanova Receives Henrik Enderlein Prize

June 30, 2023

Human rights expert and CEU alumna Vladislava Stoyanova has been awarded the 2023 Franco-German Henrik Enderlein Prize for academic excellence, in honor of her outstanding research on European migration, the rights of refugees and the fight to curb human trafficking.