Fedor Veselov (SOCI '18, Russia)

October 5, 2017

Fedor  is studying at CEU this year, thanks to the CEU Alumni Scholarship.

In his own words: 

My pre-CEU life can be described as ‘university life,’ because many of my experiences are connected to St. Petersburg’s universities.

My Alma Mater, the Higher School of Economics, gave me a wealth of experience as a curator, a member of Student Council, the student theatre "Neverland" and other organizations.

St. Petersburg State University widened my knowledge in anthropology and digital analysis in the long-term research project database “Russian Everyday Life” regarding contemporary Russian village communities.

Finally, European University in St. Petersburg introduced me to contemporary academia, in its European representation, and with this background I enter CEU.

For me CEU is a chance to participate in the life of the university and Budapest’s famous atmosphere. This scholarship is a great opportunity for me to live and study in Budapest, so I want to express my gratitude to CEU’s alumni donors. Thank you!

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