Yulia Sobol (SOCI '18, Ukraine)

October 5, 2017

Yulia is studying at CEU this year, thanks to the CEU Alumni Scholarship.

In her own words:

I graduated with a MA in Marketing 11 years ago and worked in the corporate sector as a project manager. After the 2014 Ukrainian revolution I began working with grassroots initiatives and social projects at Big Idea, Ukraine’s largest crowd funding platform. Since then I’ve been closely involved with social entrepreneurship, grassroots networking and cultural management.

Two years ago I co-founded the initiative Children’s Geographies. Through art practices, play and city wandering we involve children and youth in the exploration of their urban environment and the ways to make it better.

CEU will help me gain the necessary knowledge to strengthen our initiative as an organization, to help build sustainable society via interaction with young citizens.

Thanks to the CEU Alumni Scholarship I’ll be able to fully devote myself to my education while being actively involved in the community. Thank you, alumni donors, for this remarkable opportunity.