Mohini Mehta (SOCI '18, India)

October 5, 2017

Mohini is studying at CEU this year, thanks to the CEU Alumni Scholarship.

In her own words:

Before CEU, I earned an MA in Women Centric Social Work from Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and a BA in History from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi.

I have a long history of activism. I’ve been a student researcher, working to find environmentally friendly menstrual hygiene for women in Delhi’s night shelters. I’ve also worked in a family counseling center regarding civil rights for Islamic women, used sports and storytelling to help girls from Mumbai slums, and served as a consultant for girls from tribal communities in Rajasthan.

CEU has given me a unique opportunity to learn about cultures and societies. I wish to understand these dynamics, and to make the CEU campus more vibrant by bringing together different socio-cultural groups.

I’m thankful to CEU’s alumni donors for their faith in me, and for giving me and my peers this opportunity to learn, explore and evolve together!

Mohini writes about Diwali Celebrations at CEU - festival of lights that brought together diverse students at the CEU Residence Center who enjoyed the South Asian food, dance and culture.