Stefanie Berendsen (ENVS, MESPOM, ‘19, Germany)

October 5, 2017

Stefanie is studying at CEU this year, thanks to the CEU Alumni Scholarship.

In her own words:

I want to create a better future for people and the planet, and believe that youth empowerment is crucial to implement change.

Before CEU I studied environmental science and policy at Amsterdam University College. I’ve also served as treasurer or chairwoman for several associations, unions and organizations at local and national levels.

These experiences taught me the value of responsibility, dedication and integrity. For me, active community participation is about good citizenship, and I’m looking forward to support similar projects at CEU.

I’m incredibly thankful to the alumni donors. This investment in my future allows me to focus on my studies, to be a proactive member of the CEU community and work towards my goal: becoming an agent of change, passionate about managing the interaction between people and nature. Thank you!

Stefanie writes that Being a Vegetarian / Vegan in Budapest can be easy and enjoyable since the city has a lot to offer.