Hands On: Students Find New Ways to Fundraise

November 9, 2017

These students aren’t waiting around. 

In September, seven Alumni Scholarship Recipients took action to make a difference and get some hands-on experience in giving back, by forming CEU’s first Student Philanthropy Council.

The council’s mission is simple: find new and fun ways to raise funds and educate the community about the importance of philanthropy.

This fall, working with the Alumni Relations office, the council is co-organizing CEU’s Philanthropy Pub Quiz and Bake It >> Make It >> Forward fundraiser, both part of the university’s upcoming Philanthropy Week.

The council itself underscores Philanthropy Week’s message: each member is here thanks to the generosity of alumni donors and already working to give back to the community.

The council plans to lead other student giving initiatives throughout the academic year, like the 2018 Graduation Class Gift Campaign.

Thanks to the council members [Mohini Mehta (SOCI ‘18), Yulia Sobol (SOCI ‘18), Estefania Rubiniak (SPP ’18), Ana Lolua (NATI ’18), Viktor Mak (SPP ’19), Samten Yeshi (MEDS ’19) and Maad Sharaf (SPP ’18)] and those donors who made their CEU study possible!