#StrongerTogetherCEU Matching Gift Challenge

Donor Quotes

"Happy New Year 2021, and may it be filled with knowledge and growth, the kind is was lucky to experience as a CEU student." - Jana Jevtic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, IRES '09)

"I was an Alumni Scholarship Recipient, and I am very happy to give back to the next generation of students!" - Rebecca Smith (France, POLS '14)

"The more time passes, the more I'm grateful for what CEU gave me. Giving back and supporting students that I once was feels so damn good! It's like finally being able to treat your parents with a nice dinner after them feeding you for so long." - Biljana Lalic (Croatia, NATI '16)

"Indeed these are difficult times but it is great to see CEU still thriving." - Isabelle Misic (Serbia, LEGS '97)

"The help that we provide to a single person, or a single family does not stop there. Once we help them, we are helping the community, the region, the country, because you never know how that single act of kindness will change their way of life, their opportunities, and the future." - Zulfia Sabirova (Uzbekistan, GENS '97)

"I wanted to make an (extra) donation in memory of Marie Philipp" - Aaron Korenewsky (USA, NATI '15; SPP '16)

"Getting a scholarship was for me the only way to embark on the CEU journey." - Boriana Marinova-Zuber (Bulgaria, IRES '95)

“I am glad to be part of the Alumni Donors Family. I think CEU does a whole lot for us students, I'm glad I can give my little bit. Thank you for all you do. “ - Esther Ebimoghan (Nigeria, LEGS '20)

"I have benefited greatly from the Student Internship Fund that enables me to intern remotely in Budapest with a wonderful organization. I hope other CEU students also have the same opportunity that I had." - Shaua Fui Chen (Malaysia, SPP '18)

"Thank you for allowing brilliant students to have access to quality education!" - Justina Poskeviciute (Lithuania, POLS '13)

"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to Legal Studies Department!" - Lina Vosyliute (Lithuania, LEGS '11)

UPDATE: CEU alumni donors and friends have EXCEEDED the $100,000 goal set by the Board of Trustees donors. (THANK YOU DONORS!!!) However, moved by the enthusiasm of the alumni community, an anonymous alumni donor has pledged an additional $25,000 in matching funds for the remainder of the campaign! That means that if you make your gift until midnight, December 31, your contribution will still be matched, dollar for dollar, doubling your impact. 

CEU alumni have shown what we can do when we stand together. Now let’s reach $125,000 in support of our alma mater before the New Year!


2020 has put the world – and CEU – to the test.  Now, at the end of a very challenging year for everyone, our community is joining forces to demonstrate the power of solidarity in support of CEU’s future.  

This month several CEU Board of Trustees members, led by Kati Marton, have pledged $100,000 in support of CEU and issued a challenge to alumni: Join us in supporting your university.  

That means that until December 31, the Board will match any alumni gift. Dollar for dollar. Doubling the impact of every gift. Regardless of amount.  

We know this year’s been tough. But this is the best time of year to make your gift and double your impact! Every gift, great or small, counts!  


CEU has just completed one of its most challenging years ever. What 2021 holds is anyone’s guess, but by standing together we can help CEU face future challenges and build on this year’s successes.  

Your gift, in any amount, can help us reach our goal of raising $100,000 by month’s end - and help put your university on solid footing for next year.  


This year’s been difficult for everyone – not least our community. We understand this may be a difficult time for you, and we empathize. However, the Trustees’ generous offer is a great chance to maximize your support of CEU. If you want to stand together with your fellow alumni and help our university, now is the time to do it! 
Your gift can help CEU meet the challenges of 2021, and build on some great successes of this year including our new BA cohort, the Steinhof campus renewal, the Democracy Institute, the largest cohort of Alumni Scholarship Recipients in CEU history and more!  


Show your solidarity and let everyone know you’re a supporter of CEU. From now until the end of the challenge, Dec 31, all donors

  • Will be listed on the #StrongerTogetherCEU Honor Roll of Donors (See below)
  • Will receive a special message from alumni-supported students 

Or, if you prefer, use PayPal. 

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Campaign Stats


CEU alumni chapters around the world are closing out this year by joining online for the  #StrongerTogether meetups. These are a great chance to join together, virtually, and celebrate the strength and resilience of our community – and have fun, too. Find your chapter’s event and join today.

#StrongerTogetherCEU campaign roll of donors: 

Jan Adamec (Czech Republic, HIST '04)    
Anna Adamecz (Hungary, ECON '16)    
Ana Aguilar (Mexico, LEGS '06)    

Bojan Aleksov (Serbia, HIST '99)    
Svetla Anachkova (Bulgaria, ENVS '96)
Elitsa Andreeva (Bulgaria, SEES '99)     
Nikolay Angelov (Bulgania, ECON '05)
Hanna Asipovich (Belarus, POLS '05)    

Kossi Atchrimi (USA, INTR '19)
Helmut Azacis (Latvia, ECON '00)     
Biljana Bakic-Pawlak (Serbia, LEGS '94)    
Melissa Bandi (Romania, HIST '04)

Gergo Batiz (Hungary, ECON ’16)    
Filipa Blagojevic (Serbia, BUSI '11)
Milos Blaskovan (Slovakia, ECON '99)
Paul Benjamin (UK, IRES '97)    

Przemyslaw Bobak (Poland, NATI ’00)
Peter Bokody (Hungary, MEDS '06)    
Angelita Bombarda (Philippines, SPP ’18)    
Dario Borkovic (Croatia, IRES '01)    
Vaida Bostadløkken (Lithuania, ECON '08)    
Meiko Boynton (USA, SPP '16)
Bartlomiej Banaszak (Poland, LEGS '98)
Radana Brabnikova (Czech Republic, LEGS ’04)    
Eric Brassil (USA, POLS ’06)    
Nhat Minh Bui (Vietnam, SPP '17)    
Noah Buyon (USA, NATI '18)
Jaroslav Burger (Czech Republic, ENVS '92)    
Aliaksandr Bystryk (Belarus, NATI '13)

Octavian Vladimir Carare (Romania, ECON '95)    
Alina Carare (Romania, ECON '95)    
Jerzy Celichowski (Hungary, IRES '98)    
Shaua Fui Chen (Malaysia, SPP '18)    
Daniel Chamberlain (USA, POLS '03)    

Florent Chauvin (France, ECON '11)    
Oleksandr Cheredayko (Ukraine, BUSI '05)

Aleh Cherp (Belarus, ENVS '92)
Michael Colello (USA, HIST '11)

Mihai Copaciu (Romania, ECON ’04)    
Zselyke Csaky (Hungary, LEGS '11)
Emilia Csiffary (Hungary, ECON '12)
Slavica Cubric (North Macedonia, LEGS '05)
Dragos Cucereanu (Moldova, LEGS '99)
Peter Cunningham (United Kingdom, IRES '97)    
Milan Dakic (Serbia, LEGS '06)
Peter DeBartolo (USA, POLS '07)
Dominic Dougherty (USA, INTR '17)    
Asel Doranova (Kygyzstan, ENVS '00)    
Martin Dorazil (Czech Republic, LEGS ’04)
Martin Dovciak (Slovakia, ENVS '95)
Jacqueline Dufalla (USA, IRES '15)
Benjamin Dug (Bosnia and Herzegovina, ECBS '19)
Stevo Duraskovic (Croatia, HIST '07)
Santwana Dwivedy (India, LEGS '17)    
Dzmitry Loisha (Belarus, LEGS '05)

Esther Ebimoghan (Nigeria, LEGS '20)
Evgeniya Egupova (Russian Federation, POLS ’08)    
Uchenna Emelonye (Nigeria, LEGS '04)    
Dejan Eremic (Serbia, BUSI '14)
Katherine J. Evans (USA, POLS '09)    
Brian Fabo (Slovakia, POLS '12)    
Zachariah Falconer-Stout (USA, IRES '09)    

Mihai Farcas (Romania, LEGS '15)
Andreja Files-Ruiz (Croatia, LEGS '96)
Anna Firsova (Russian Federation, ENVS '03)    
Marek Follrich (Slovakia, LEGS'12)  
Anna Forkovicova (Slovakia, POLS '13)
Jacob Freedman (USA, IRES '07)

Zorana Gajic (Serbia, POLS '97)     
Robertas Galkus (Lithuania, IRES '01)    

Igor Gavric (Bosnia and Herzegovina, DPP '12)
Ingrida Geciene (Lithuania, SOCI '97)
Hender Gercio (Philippines, GENS ’15)    
Rima Gerdziunaite (Lithuania, SOCI '97)
Iulia Ghergut (Romania, ENVS '98)
Florentin Giurgea (Romania, LEGS '08)
Anna Giedrys (Poland, IRES '97)    

Emily Gioielli (USA, HIST ’15)
Larisa Grujic (Croatia, ENVS '99)
Gerald Gugerty (USA, IRES '11)
Jennet Gummadova (Turkmenistan, RETS ’00)    
Ekaterine Gureshidze (Georgia, LEGS '95)
Natalia Gurgurova (Russia Federation, IRES '13)
Viorelia Guzun (Moldova, LEGS '95)
Armin Haeberle (Germany, POLS '05)    
Judit Hilda Hajos (Hungary, BUSI '11)

András Hann (Hungary, ECON ’14)
Martin Hergert (Germany, BUSI '10)    
Tibor Hledik (Czech Republic, ECON '94)    
Mihnea Hotaranu (Romania, IMCE '02)

Silvia Hudackova (Slovakia, POLS '13)
Jiri Huml (Czech Republic, ECON '92)    
Huseyn Ismayilov (Azerbaijan, ECON '07)

Nevena Ivanovic (Serbia , GENS ’99)    
Nana Janashia (Georgia, ENVS ’97)    
Ausra Jurkeviciute (Lithuania, ENVS '94)     
Peter Jedinak (Slovakia, LEGS ’06)    
Jana Jevtic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, IRES '09)
Alibek Jorajev (Uzbekistan, ENVS '99)
Martin Kahanec (Slovakia, ECON '00)    
Marta Kahancova (Slovakia, POLS '02)    
Rustis Kamuntavicius (Lithuania, HIST '98)     

Anna Kanshieva (Russian Federation, ENVS ’04)    
Darko Karacic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, HIST '06)
Daniel Karzel (Czech Republic, LEGS '01)

Leander Ketelhodt (Germany, ENVS ’16)
Marijus Kersys (Lithuania, ECON ’01)    
Filip Kijowski (Poland, LEGS ’08)    
Paulina Klik (Poland, GENS ’17)
David Knuth (Hungary, BUSI '06)    
Leela Koenig (Netherlands, POLS '12)
Irina Korablev (Russian Federation, ECON '97)
Miklós Koren (Hungary, ECON ’00)
Aaron Korenewsky (USA, NATI '15; SPP '16)    
Iryna Koshulap (Ukraine, GENS '07)
Andris Kotans (Latvia, ECON '05)    

Kazmer Kovacs (Romania, ARTH ’92)    
Maria Krauze (Russian Federation, IRES '04)
Gerhard Kress (Germany, IRES '98)    
Anna Krozser (Hungary, IRES '12)     
Svetlana Kulikova (Kyrgyzstan, POLS '95)    
Lucia Kurekova (Slovakia, IRES '06)
Konstantin Kurganov (Ukraine, LEGS '94)    
Stanislava Kuzmova (Slovakia, MEDS '03)    
Biljana Lalic (Croatia, NATI '16)    

Aliaksej Lashuk (Belarus, LEGS '04)
Mark Laszlo-Herbert (Hungary, HIST '02)
Marta Lejkowski (Poland, ENVS '99)    
Tyler Lovellette (USA, NATI '08)    
Raimonda Mackeviciute (Lithuania, POLS '17)

Maciej Madalinski (Poland, IRES ’96)
Franklin Maduko (Nigeria, ECBS ’19)
Lubomir Majercik (Czech Republic, LEGS '05)    
Farhad Mammadov (Azerbaijan, ECON '17)

Boriana Marinova-Zuber (Bulgaria, IRES '95)    
Armin Maslo (Bosnia and Herzegovina, LEGS '18)    

Zvonimir Mataga (Croatia, LEGS ’02)    
Anu Mataga (Estonia, LEGS ‘05)    
Stefan Mayr (Austria, LEGS '09)
Fiona McGuinty (Canada, INTR ’18)    
Mikhail Medalie (Russian Federation, ENVS '94)    
Anna Medarska - Lazova (North Macedonia, LEGS '09)
Sergey Mikhalovsky (United Kingdom, ENVS '93)    

Dane Miller (USA, HIME ’17)    
Isabelle Misic (Serbia, LEGS '97)   
Anna Muradyan (Armenia, GENS '17)
Joseph Murray (USA, HIST '07)
Aldina Muslija (Bosnia and Herzegovina, LEGS '12)
Denis Nagovitcyn (Russian Federation, MATH '15)

Sarah Nedolast  (USA, IRES ’98)    
Peter Neely (USA, POLS ’10)
Kiril Nestorovski (Macedonia, IRES '06)     
Jahor Novikau (Belarus, IRES '98)    
Maksad Orazov (Turkmenistan, POLS '13)    
Jordan Owens (Canada, INTR '19)
Mridul Pareek (India, ENVS '19)
Peter Parvanov (Bulgaria, LEGS'13)
Jakob Parusinski (Poland, POLS '09)
Amanda Pascal (USA, DPP '12)
Dejan Pavlovic (Serbia, LEGS '02)
Nicole Peloquin (USA, SOCL '11)
Krisztina Perlaky-Toth (Hungary, ECON '15)    

Pratik Phadkule (India, SPP ’15)    
Angelina Pienczykowski (USA, IRES '14)
Chad Poitras (Canada, IRES '05)
Alina Poliakova (Ukraine, POLS '16)
Justina Poskeviciute (Lithuania, POLS '13)
Lia Potec (Romania, IRES '00)
Daniel Pop (Romania, POLS '08)
Victoria-Mihaela Popescu (Romania, POLS '04)
Nemanja Predojevic (Serbia, ECBS '18)    

Jessica Preston  (USA, INTR ’16)    
Alex Quintus (Hungary, BUSI '13)
Alexander Romanov (Russian Federation, ENVS '08)
Nina Rozhanovskaya (Russian Federation, POLS '07)    
Elena Ryabova (Kyrgyzstan, POLS '02)    

Hristo Sabev (Bulgaria, ENVS '00)    
Boryana Sabeva (Bulgaria, LEGS ’00)    
Zulfia Sabirova (Uzbekistan, GENS '97)    
Siarhei Salei (Belarus, MEDS '98)
Svetoslav Salkin (Bulgaria, POLS '01)    
Irina Savinetskaya (Russian Federation, MEDS '09)
Marta Schmale (Hungary, BUSI '06)

Justus Schonlau (Germany, IRES '98)    
Olga Serebryanaya (Russian Federation, POLS '98)    
Vanda Serbulova (Slovakia, ECON '17)

Vladislav Shayman (Russian Federation, LEGS ’06)    
Mikheil Shavtvaladze (Georgia, POLS '10)    
Xenia Shevnina (Russian Federation, POLS '04)    
Maryna Shevtsova (Ukraine, GENS ’13)
Iakov Shchukin (Russian Federation, POLS '98)    
Ondrej Simek (Czech Republic, IRES ’97)    
Andras Sipos (Hungary, HIST '92)    
Rebecca Smith (France, POLS '14)
Ajay Soni (India, BUSI '12)
Cristina St. Juste (USA, IRES '07)
Ondrej Stefek ( Czech Republic, POLS '99)
Ioana Stefu (Romania, ECON '08)    
Szabolcs Steiner (Hungary, LEGS '12)
Marija Stojanovska Rupcic (North Macedonia, GENS '09)
Yevgeniy Stotyka (Ukraine, ECON '03)    

Cristian Stratan (Moldova, IMCE '99)
Max Steuer (Slovakia, IRES '15)

David Stulik (Czech Republic, SOCI ’97)    
Sara Sudetic (Serbia, NATI '15)    
Martin Svalbach (Czech Republic, ECON '93)
Serge Sych (Ukraine, IRES '97 and LEGS '99)     
Bence Szasz (Hungary, ECON ’06)    
Marton Szegedi (Hungary, LEGS ’18)    
Levente Szinvai (Hungary, ECBS ’18)
Peter Sziranyi (Hungary, BUSI '08)
Rita Szudoczky (Hungary, LEGS '01)    
Tibor Tajti (Hungary, LEGS ’94)
Kristaps Tamuzs (Latvia, LEGS '03)    
Iva Todorova (Bulgaria, ECON '14)
Andreea Toma (Romania, LEGS '00)
Ruxandra Trandafoiu (Romania/UK, NATI '99)    
Andrii Tsokol (Ukraine, ECON '06)    
Patricia Velicu (Romania, INTR '18)
Vadim Vilgelmi (Russian Federation, IRES '97)
Gallina Vincelette (Bulgaria, POLS '97)
Hanna Orsolya Vincze (Romania, HIST '01)
Iva Vlasceanu (Bulgaria, ECON '99)
Codru-Corin Vlasceanu (Romania, ECON '98)
Zuzana Vojtekova (Slovakia, IRES '04)    
Lina Vosyliute (Lithuania, LEGS '11)

Ivan Vovkanych (Ukraine, ECON ’13)
Giel Verbeeck (Netherlands, ECON '97)    
Viktoria Veszelei (Slovakia, LEGS '03)    
Vladimir Yankov (Bulgaria, ECON '05)

Maryna Yaroshchuk (Ukraine, IRES ’08)
Mikolaj Zaleski (Poland, LEGS '02)    
Olga Zelinska (Ukraine, DPP '08)    
Craig Zelizer (USA, SOCI '95)
Alexandra Zivelova (Czech Republic, LEGS '16)

Patrik Zoltvany (Slovakia, IRES '98)
Piotr Zubin (Poland, IRES ’06)    
Olga Zubkovskaya (Belarus, GENS '01)
Ketevan Zukakishvili (Georgia, LEGS '14)

Friends of CEU:

Georgette Ballance
Julie Buyon
Attila Chikan
Lorraine Gallard & Richard H. Levy
Pat Graham
William C. Kerr
Martha Loerke
Mary P. McPherson
Pierre Mirabaud
Anne Palermo
Michael Schudson & Julia Sonnevend
Robert Shoemaker & Wendy Bracewell
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