Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is personally rewarding and immensely valuable to the CEU community. It's a fun way to stay connected with your classmates and your university - in essence, continuing your CEU experience. And in so doing, you not only support CEU and its talented students, but you also gain new connections, develop new skills - and build confidence!

Take a minute to meet some of our university's most active alumni volunteers and hear from them how and why they do it!

Petra Chaloupkova (NATI '11)

CEU Alumni Volunteer: Petra Chaloupkova

Milica Nešić (LEGS '18)

CEU Alumni Volunteer: Milica Nešić

Anar Mehdiyev (ENVS '02)

CEU Alumni Volunteer: Anar Mehdiyev

Ievgen Zvieriev (LEGS '09)

CEU Alumni Volunteer: Ievgen Zvieriev

Aiski Ryokas (SOCI '17)

CEU Alumni Volunteer: Aiski Ryokas