Alumni to Advise Students in Summer PDO Season

June 8, 2017

Truth: CEU graduates are, hands down, the university’s greatest asset in not only recruiting new students but helping them prepare for life at CEU.

That’s why, with Academic Year 2017-18 weeks away, CEU alumni chapters worldwide are again encouraged to host Pre-Departure Orientation sessions this summer for newly-accepted students. (See where and how you can get involved, below.)

PDOs allow new students to meet with local alumni, ask questions and seek advice about study at CEU and life in Budapest. Through alumni experiences and stories, students can better prepare for the big move to Budapest.

PDOs are a great opportunity for alumni to advise new students, but also to reconnect with their fellow alumni and friends. Most PDOs include a social hour at local cafes or pubs.

Last year alumni hosted nearly 50 PDOs around the world, with a record number of participants. Let’s continue this tradition this summer! Want to get involved? Write Boris, and watch this page for upcoming PDOs in your area and around the world. 


June 30 - Vienna, Austria
June 30 - Zagreb, Croatia
July 1 - Moscow, Russia
July 7 - Bucharest, Romania
July 7 - Manilla, Philippines
July 11 - Kiev, Ukraine
July 13 - Istanbul, Turkey
July 14 - Almaty, Kazakhstan

July 14 - Barcelona, Spain
July 17 - Cluj-Napoca, Romania
July 17 - Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
July 18 - Mexico, Mexico
July 21 - Tbilisi, Georgia
July 21 - Baku, Azerbaijan
July 22 - London, United Kingdom
July 23 - Yerevan, Armenia
July 24 - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
July 26 - Berlin, Germany

July 31 - Bratislava, Slovakia
August 2 - Belgrade, Serbia
August 2 - Cairo, Egypt
August 4 - Chisinau, Moldova

August 5 - Astana, Kazakhstan
August 5 - Brussels, Belgium
August 5 - New York, Unites States of America
August 11 - Minsk, Belarus
August 15 - Skopje, Macedonia
August 16 - Prague, Czech Republic