For Recent Grads: Consent request from the Alumni Relations and Career Services offices

PLEASE READ: We hope you’ll continue to engage with the CEU community of students and alumni worldwide. To keep you informed of the benefits and services you have access to, plus relevant alumni news, events and more we wish to use some of the personal information you have already provided CEU.

The Alumni Relations Office use your data to provide alumni services and benefits, including access to CEU facilities and online services such as library access and email for life; to assist with data collection and analysis of alumni career trajectories and demographic statistics for CEU institutional purposes, including strategic and academic planning including accreditation; to develop and support alumni communication channels and feedback platforms including e-newsletters (e.g. alumni E-News); share special updates, social media coverage and surveys; provide information about volunteering and fundraising opportunities ; invite you to alumni and other relevant University events and keep internal records, including the management of any feedback,  complaints and other meaningful interactions perform administrative processes.

It is important you understand what this means and how we use and protect your personal data. Please take a moment to review CEU’s Data Protection Policy and full Privacy Statement.

The Career Services Office uses your data to provide lifelong access to career services. It gathers alumni employment information through the annual First Destination Survey, which is sent to graduates to gather information about their employment situation roughly six months after graduation, as well as through the regular course of its work. It uses alumni employment data to conduct analysis of alumni career trajectories for CEU institutional purposes, including strategic and academic planning related to accreditation, to invite alumni to engage in volunteering efforts and to track and report on such engagement for the purposes of stewardship and recognition. The Career Services Office processes alumni data within the framework established by the Alumni Relations Office. For detailed information about how the Career Services Office processes data, please review the Career Services Office privacy statement.

With your permission, we’d like to keep in touch with you, using the email and telephone contacts you have provided CEU, and please indicate on the CONSENT FORM that you’re happy for us to contact you.