Services for Ukrainian Alumni in Budapest

The CEU Alumni Relations Office is here to help CEU alumni from Ukraine displaced by the war. If you are an alumna or alumnus from Ukraine sheltering in Budapest please write us to let us know you’re here and how we can assist you. The following assistance is currently available: 

Emergency assistance 

  • Temporary emergency accommodation is being provided at the CEU Residence Center for alumni and their families fleeing the war in Ukraine. If you require accommodation, please write Edina Varga (, with in copy please).

  • Alumni fleeing Ukraine may apply in Hungary for normal residence permits (employment, family reunification or other purpose, or for the so-called menedékes status, or temporary refugee status. See details. Questions? Write Andras Gaspar.

  • We’ve assembled a list of emergency resources from organizations within the region offering help with accommodation, transportation, legal assistance and more. (Huge thanks to alumna Laura Jones (IRES'06) for putting this together!) 

  • Alumni throughout the region have offered their assistance to alumni forced to flee Ukraine on social media. See our mainBudapest and Ukrainian Facebook groups. Announcements are added daily, so watch that space.

  • The CEU Medical Center in Budapest is offering free medical assistance for displaced Ukrainian alumni. See available services. For more information phone +36-1-3273815 or write Also, Duna Medical Center has been providing medical assistance for citizens coming from Ukraine for free since March 2. See website.

  • If you’re struggling mentally and/or emotionally and need someone to talk to, you are welcome to make use of CEU Mental Health services. See details.

Professional support, mentorship

Academic support, alumni services 

  • Alumni from Ukraine are welcome to CEU’s traditional alumni benefits and services, including alumni cards, library, VPN access and more. See details and apply for your card.
  • Educational, cultural and sport opportunities are offered for refugees from Ukraine in Budapest by CEU student and alumni volunteers. See details for a full list of activities and how to join.