Start your own alumni group!

Wherever on Earth, chances are you’ll find CEU alumni nearby. Alumni chapters are great forums for new friendships and networking. If one doesn’t already exist in your area, you can start your own!

Getting started:

Decide what kind of group you’d like—a small local club for friends and classmates or a large national chapter, etc. Once you have an idea …

  • Contact us to see how many CEU alumni are in your area.
  • Choose a couple of assistants to help bring people together and organize a gathering. (We can help you find local alumni.)
  • Draft a message to alumni telling about your group, it’s aims, etc., plus what they would be interested collaborating on with you.
  • Forward your message to us, and we’ll email it to all alumni in your area.
  • Once you’ve gotten some feedback, start organizing your first event. Need ideas? See below.
  • After your first event, select members of your group to serve as contacts for interested alumni and friends.
  • Start up a Facebook or other social media group to keep your membership in touch. (See what other groups are doing online here.)