CEU Alumni News

CEU On Wheels: Alumnus Shuttles, Guides Students in NYC

April 7, 2020

Like many alumni, Kossi Binesi Atchrimi (IR ’19, USA) counts his time at CEU as among the best in his life. 

Therefore, when the NYC-based alumnus heard that students from his program were arriving in the Big Apple last year to continue their studies, he didn’t hesitate. 

“We were good friends back in Budapest,” he said. “And when I heard they were coming here I said ‘what time should I pick you up’?” 

Starting last summer and through this academic year, Kossi would gas up his car and drive out the airport to pick up IR students arriving to study at Bard College. 

Alumna Kaklauskaitė Publishes on Cybersecurity

April 3, 2020

CEU Alumna, Volunteer and former Alumni Scholarship Recipient Milda Kaklauskaitė (IR '17) recently published a timely article on the role of regions in strengthening Europe’s cybersecurity, in the latest European Cybersecurity Journal. Congrats, Milda! https://bit.ly/2UCAF2F

CEU Offers Emergency Assistance for Students Impacted by Covid-19 Crisis

CEU has been providing emergency support to students whose studies have been interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. And now, alumni are being asked to help.  

The university recently announced a special emergency fund to help provide housing, food, medical and psychological care and tech support for students sheltered at the dorm – many in isolation – trying to complete their studies remotely.  

CEU Alumna Czako Named 'Manager of the Year for Society'

March 19, 2020

CEU alumna Borbála Czako (BUSI ’90, Hungary) was named Manger of the Year for Society 2020 earlier this month by the Hungarian Association of Executives for her work as president of the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum. 

#ThankYouCEU Events Bigger Than Before

More alumni than ever before joined last month’s global #ThankYouCEU alumni meetups.

Alumni in a dozen cities, from Istanbul to New York, joined together to reconnect with friends and classmates and to reminisce and express gratitude for their CEU experience. (Photos below.)

Held in tandem with the end-of-year fundraising challenge of the same name, the events drew approximately 100 alumni. This was an increase from the previous year’s ten events, which drew approximately 70 alumni.

Meetups were held in: