CEU Alumni News

Alumna Gulnura Mehdi Passes

July 13, 2020

We are deeply saddened to report that CEU alumna Gulnura Mehdi (GENS ’09, Azerbaijan) has passed away after an illness. She was 44 years old. 

Gulnura was involved with the Open Society Institute and the U.S. Embassy, both in Baku, Azerbaijan. After marrying, she lived in Washington D.C. until the end of her life. 

Gulnura was an active and enthusiastic CEU student and alumna of the Department of Gender Studies. “Her colleagues and professors from the department will remember her fondly,” said Head of Department Francisca de Haan.

Alumni Spotlight: Fridon Lala

June 23, 2020

CEU alumnus Fridon Lala (SPP ’19, Kosovo) doesn’t waste time. After graduating from CEU, last June, he returned to his native Kosovo, where just months later he was elected Deputy Minister of Regional Development. 

No sooner had Fridon taken office than a one-two punch of political uncertainty and the Covid-19 pandemic struck. It’s made for some challenging days. However, his time at CEU – including his Student Union presidency during the LexCEU crisis – prepared him well. 

“Somehow, I think these things follow me,” he said. 

‘I Must Take Action’: Alumna Aids Budapest Covid-19 Relief

June 22, 2020

Like millions around the world, CEU alumna Adrija Maitra (GENS ’19, India) felt helpless reading Covid-19 news every day. Finally, she had to do something. 

“I realized I must step out and take some sort of positive action,” she said. 

In April she answered a call from a Hungarian NGO. Soon she was volunteering in Budapest’s 8th District, delivering hot meals door to door, and putting up coronavirus prevention flyers in buildings throughout the district. 

No Masking Devotion: Alumna Stands by CEU. Again.

June 19, 2020

This March, when Austria mandated the public wearing of face masks to fight Covid-19, alumna and Vienna resident Yan Schall (EMBA ’18, USA) became worried. Not least for local CEU students. 

“It looked like we would have to wear masks for a long time,” she said. “But you basically could no longer find them in the shops.” 

With quarantine imposed, CEU Vienna had shut its doors. But once campus reopened, Yan thought, students would need masks. Lots of them Yet masks were increasingly unavailable in the Austrian capital. 

So, Yan took action. 

Alumni ‘Thesis Buddies’ Help Students in Need

June 19, 2020

When Covid-19 threw this academic year into a tailspin, many CEU students found themselves isolated in the dorm – and struggling to cope. Thesis writing, a struggle at the best of times, seemed all the more daunting. 

Enter: CEU alumni. Nearly 50 of them came to the rescue this spring and volunteered as “thesis buddies” – unofficial advisors focused on helping students complete their dissertations on time. (See volunteers list below.)