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Alumni-Supported Students Serve CEU Community

Blogging, podcasting, and giving back were all part of a busy year for CEU’s alumni-supported students.

This year 26 Alumni Scholarship Recipients (ASRs) balanced their studies with a number of projects designed to enrich the CEU community, in Budapest and beyond.

Serbian, Russian Alumni Scholarships Reach Funding Goals


Alumni in Serbia and Russia have reached their goals this spring to help support students from their respective countries attending CEU next academic year. Congratulations!

Serbian alumni recently collected more than $2,100 for the Serbian Alumni Scholarship, which will be used to pay a stipend to one student from that country to attend CEU. The amount exceeded the campaign’s target amount by $106 – which will be used as seed for next year’s campaign!

BEST ONE YET: 2018 Phonathon Excels On All Counts

CEU alumni worldwide: take a bow!

Thanks to more than 1,400 of you, this year’s CEU Alumni Phonathon was a major success, surpassing last year’s record across the board.

This year Phonathon reached more alumni than last, and raised more funds in support of CEU’s future, and in less time, than ever before.

Graduating Class Gift Campaign Closes on High Note

Graduating students closed the year on a high note, raising hundreds of dollars in support of CEU via the Graduating Class Gift campaign.

During this second annual end-of-year drive, student participation increased 40 percent, from 43 to 60 donors from 31 countries and 12 academic units. More than $360 was raised in the first three weeks of June. 

The initiative was intended to introduce graduating students to the concept of philanthropic giving, and to allow them to make their first symbolic gift in support of CEU, and to foster competition between the academic units.

Serbian Alumni Meeting Nets Success

Some people set goals. Now CEU’s Alumni and Friends in Serbia are very close to reaching theirs.

On Saturday, June 2 nearly 20 alumni and newly-accepted students met in Belgrade for a special reunion and fundraising session. Held at Belgrade’s Café BRE, the event included a raffle which raised more than $450 in support of the Serbian Alumni Scholarship.