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RC Resilience: Alumni Scholarship Recipients Help Classmates Sheltering at Dorm

April 7, 2020

The notes appeared last month, slipped under students’ doors at the CEU Residence Center. On them were printed an email address, a website url, and a brief message: 

We care that you are okay 
We stand with you 
We are proud of your resilience 

CEU Offers Emergency Assistance for Students Impacted by Covid-19 Crisis

CEU has been providing emergency support to students whose studies have been interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. And now, alumni are being asked to help.  

The university recently announced a special emergency fund to help provide housing, food, medical and psychological care and tech support for students sheltered at the dorm – many in isolation – trying to complete their studies remotely.  

RESULTS: CEU Impact Alumni Campaign 2019

February 5, 2020

It was a big year – and a very strong close – for CEU Alumni Campaign 2019.

More than 630 alumni from around the world contributed to the campaign, raising more than $150,000 in support of CEU’s future (see full stats below). The campaign closed on a high note with the #ThankYouCEU Alumni Challenge during which alumni raised more than $107,000.

#ThankYouCEU Events Bigger Than Before

More alumni than ever before joined last month’s global #ThankYouCEU alumni meetups.

Alumni in a dozen cities, from Istanbul to New York, joined together to reconnect with friends and classmates and to reminisce and express gratitude for their CEU experience. (Photos below.)

Held in tandem with the end-of-year fundraising challenge of the same name, the events drew approximately 100 alumni. This was an increase from the previous year’s ten events, which drew approximately 70 alumni.

Meetups were held in:

2019 End of Year Challenge Biggest In Years

Goal exceeded!

CEU alumni raised more than $107,000 - $7,000 beyond the original target – in support of student scholarships as part of the #ThankYouCEU 2019 Alumni Challenge.

In less than a month, from December 4 to 31, nearly 300 alumni donors gave to the end-of-year funding drive, including 67 to who gave to the university for the first time.

The number of donors, the amount raised, and the short duration makes this the most successful end-of-year alumni campaign in recent CEU history. (Last year’s challenge included 250 donors who raised $87,000.)