Alumni Campaign News

Coming Soon: CEU Philanthropy Week

Philanthropy built CEU. Therefore next month we’re launching CEU Philanthropy Week, to celebrate what we’ve been given and to raise awareness of the importance of giving back.

Think of it as a weeklong “love” fest (philos for you language classicists).

There will be plenty of ways to get involved, in Budapest, worldwide and online, including:

The Charm and the Challenge: Monument Sparks New Tradition at CEU

It’s difficult to say how or why, but many insist: they work.

Budapest has its share of sculptures (think Anonymous in Varosliget or the ‘Fat Policeman’ on Zrinyi utca) which allegedly bestow good luck to those who stop and lay hands.

Last spring CEU adopted one of its own: an enigmatic bronze orb on the Nador 13 rooftop. Although commissioned to honor the power of philanthropy, the monument’s creator cited another function:

Think of it as CEU’s own lucky charm.

2017 Class Gift Rallies, Closes Strong

At the close of this academic year, members of the Class of 2017 came together to make their mark by aiding those who will follow in their footsteps.

More than 40 graduates raised almost $400 in support of future CEU students via the Graduating Class Gift 2017 campaign.

The two-week campaign enabled grads to make their first, symbolic donation in support of CEU’s future, both as a means of giving back and ‘paying it forward’ to next year’s class.

“Kharkiv Terrace” Honors Alumnus’ Historic Contribution

It’s CEU history, set in brass and stone.

The Kharkiv Terrace, commemorating CEU’s greatest act of alumni philanthropy, was unveiled on Saturday, May 13 while some of the university’s most dedicated alumni supporters looked on. See photos. 

Alumni-Supported Students ‘Pay it Forward’

It’s been a busy year for CEU’s Alumni Scholarship Recipients (ASRs), who balanced their studies with volunteer projects to aid fellow students and bolster the community. Projects included blogs and online advising for potential and incoming students, plus career workshops, a campus accessibility study and more.