CEU Alumni Offer “Words of Wisdom” to Newly Arrived Students

September 18, 2017

Alumni in Budapest and beyond had welcoming words for this year’s cadre of new students.

Alumni “words of wisdom” were printed on small scrolls and shared with hundreds of new arrivals at CEU’s annual Welcome Afternoon, on Friday Sept. 8.

 The scrolls contained individual messages of encouragement and advice from dozens of alums from around the world to students now beginning classes here.

 “Don’t worry,” one read. “Once you have arrived you will become members of the big CEU family.”

 The scrolls were distributed by the Alumni Relations team, which also introduced students to the alumni network as well as this year’s #CEULuckyCharm Challenge.

 The capstone of Orientation Week, Welcome Afternoon offers students a chance to socialize and learn more about different CEU departments and clubs, and to pick up useful items donated by the community. SEE PHOTOS.

Thanks to alumni who helped welcome the Class of 2018 by sharing your words of wisdom!