Open Mic 2018 Bigger Than Ever

November 21, 2018

What a night! Approximately 100 students, alumni and staff packed CEU’s Oktober Hall on Thursday, Nov. 15 for some great live performances during Open Mic 2018. It was the largest turnout in the program’s five year history. SEE PICS.

This year’s event included ten acts of students’ live music, singing, spoken word performances and rapping. The audience voted for the winners, Mijat Kostić, from the Nationalism Studies Program, and Stefan Mihajlovic, a PhD student of the Mathematics Department.

Chosen for their heartfelt vocal and acoustic guitar music, the duo was presented a special Open Mic Trophy.

The event was hosted by Alumni Scholarship Recipients Jorge Chavez Mazuelos (IR ’19, Peru), Marietta Le (SOCI ’19, Hungary), Mridul Pareek (ENVS ‘20/MESPOM, India), Tetiana Horban (IR ’20, Ukraine). Thanks to all for the great night!