North Macedonia, Dimitar Nikolovski (POLS '10)

September 7, 2021

Dimitar Nikolovski is the Executive Director of the Center for European Strategies-Eurothink. He is currently enrolled in a PhD program at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland with a research focus on populism and civil society in South-Eastern Europe. He acquired a vast research experience by working as a researcher in several think-tank organizations in North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Hungary. His research interests are in the field of civic activism in Central and Eastern Europe and its relations with some of the latest, contemporary topics such as European integrations, democratic backsliding, migration, as well as right-wing populism and extremism in Europe.

Why does he volunteer for CEU?

Some of the best personal and academic memories I have are from CEU. I am happy to deepen my link to this amazing institution. 

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