Czechia, Ekaterina Radaeva (LEGS '99)

March 1, 2016

Ekaterina Radaeva (LEGS ’99) is a legal and management professional with experience of working in Russia, Canada, Germany and Czech Republic. Additionally, Ekaterina has teaching and research experience in private international law, international business, and corporate law. Prior to her moving to Czech Republic in 2018, Ekaterina worked for ten years as the CEO of a Russian subsidiary of an international construction company.

Why does she volunteer as an Alumni Chapter Leader?

In my view, CEU is a unique place that creates and polishes high quality professionals and outstanding personalities. It has always been on my checklist  to find a way to do something nice to my alma mater. At the moment, I am looking for a new career start in Prague, where my family has already settled. Thus, having more free time and a strong motivation for getting to know local people I am looking forward to contributing to development of the existent network of the CEU alumni.

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