Temporary Volunteer Opportunities


Want to get involved but don’t have time to volunteer on a regular basis? See below for short-term volunteer opportunities that can still get you into our volunteer program. 


Many CEU alumni have contacted the alumni relations team asking what they can do to help their fellow alumni fleeing the war in Ukraine. In the days since the war started, alumni have come forward to offer accommodation to Ukrainians in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany; joined donation drives on CEU campuses and the Budapest Residence Center; offered psychological support and playdates for refugees with children; attended a welcome event for refugees in Budapest; and put together a website with all available resources. THANK YOU!

To streamline all your generous offers of support, we’ve created a short survey for you to fill out. Please let us know what you can offer by filling out this form. Currently, we are especially looking for support in Hungary and Poland. Please keep in mind that while we will do our best to match your offer with the current needs, we can’t guarantee it will happen as the situation changes daily.

If you are based in Budapest or Vienna and would like to donate items for refugees, please see information on donation drives on both campuses and the CEU Residence Center here.

If you would like to donate money for emergency support for alumni refugees in the dorm or student scholarships, please check here.

 If you wish to share a vacancy or job search resources potentially useful for impacted alumni, you can contact Career Services Office at CEUcareers@ceu.edu.