Polish Ombudsman, CEU Alumnus, Bodnar Calls for Support for CEU

April 13, 2017

Polish Commissioner for Human Rights and CEU alumnus Adam Bodnar (LEGS '01) called upon the Polish academic community to support CEU. 

"I wish to express my strong solidarity with all those persons and communities who defend the University today, know its value and realize how much it is needed for the development of thousands of young people from all over the world," he said in a statement on his official website. "They also know the significance of solidarity and search for mutual understanding between peoples. I remember that in 2008, many CEU graduates united and appealed to their colleagues from Georgia and Russia to remember about their common values despite the war and the Russian occupation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, not to allow the hatred take over their hearts in those difficult times."

"Today, I am calling on the Polish academic community to take an active approach to the matter of the CEU. My appeal is addressed not only to those who have already benefited, or who intend to benefit, from the hospitality of this truly open and friendly institution, but also to all those who value the autonomy of universities, freedom of scientific research and access to good education. To all those who believe that such dynamic and independent academic institutions are an indispensable element of democracy."

A graduate of the CEU Department of Legal Studies, Class of 2001, Adam was recipient of the CEU Alumni Impact Award. Read his profile. 

Thank you for your support, Adam!