Alumni Leadership Forum Celebrates Community

May 16, 2018

Call it the art of community building.

This month, alumni volunteers from around the region and the world converged on CEU. Their mission: to promote and strengthen this university’s ever-growing, 15,000-strong global alumni family.

The annual Alumni Leadership Forum, held on May 3 and 4, was a means of celebrating CEU’s alumni volunteer leaders, and providing them a platform to share experiences and learn from one another. SEE PHOTOS.

“Volunteers give back to CEU through their time and talent,” said Dursunjemal Halimova (SPP ’15), event organizer and Alumni Volunteer Programs Coordinator. “We want to make sure they have the necessary tools and feel appreciated.”

This year’s forum brought together 21 alumni, including chapter leaders and contacts, plus volunteers specializing in helping recruit new students and offering career assistance. Eight alumni attended for the first time, including four new chapter leaders. See all chapter leaders.

Forum highlights included panel discussions on chapter management, fundraising, student recruitment and career support. Some of these sessions were open to the community and live streamed.

Alumna Adrienn Olson (BUSI ’12) spoke, providing a pro-bono personal development session dubbed How to Excite and Engage Your Audience? The program also included presentations by Alumni Scholarship Recipients, and a pep talk by President and Rector Michael Ignatieff on the value of volunteering in support of CEU.

Attendees gave numerous reasons for volunteering, including a sense of responsibility to the university and giving back to the community, and shared ideas for new projects, such as new alumni scholarships in Georgia and Azerbaijan. Participants also shared how CEU Alumni Relations can better help them in future.

Thanks to all volunteers for joining us, and for the great work you do year round! Want to learn more and get involved? Write Dursun.