Challenge Accepted: “Lucky Charm” Tradition Takes Root

September 17, 2018

For the second year in a row, new students have trekked to the CEU rooftop to wish for good fortune on CEU’s own “lucky charm.”

And for one group of students, it paid off.

Last Friday students from the MESPOM program (pictured) won the university’s second annual Lucky Charm Challenge – and scored some cool CEU-branded gear from the Alumni Relations office.

The charm is a bronze orb embedded in the rooftop Kharkiv Terrace, honoring CEU alumnus and benefactor Konstantin Kurganov (LEGS ’94) and designed by his daughter Olesia.

For the second year in a row, incoming students were asked to locate the charm, make a wish and lay hands upon the charm while posting pics of them doing so on social media. The group doing so and getting the most likes wins.

The MESPOM students earned 51 likes for their wish. Other participants included students from the departments of Economics, International Relations and others (see below). 

Congrats to all students who participated, and we hope the charm imparts good luck for you all year round!

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