Alumna Tóth Shortlisted for ARS DOCENDI Prize

October 30, 2020

CEU Alumna Erzsébet Fanni Tóth (SOCL ’08, Slovakia) a lecturer at Vienna’s Sigmund Freud University, was recently shortlisted for the esteemed ARS DOCENDI prize this year for her course “Scientific research projects I and II”.

Named among the top three (out of 155) in category, the course utilizes ‘design thinking’, which encompasses self-identification and obstacle awareness, among other aspects, to help students produce outstanding academic theses.

The course was praised by the jury for its “inspiring transferability” to many problem areas faced by universities, students and professors. Read more about the course. For more on the prize, see here.

Erzsébet is a Researcher and Lecturer at SFU, as well as coordinator of the university’s International PhD Programme and member of its Academic Senate. She earned her PhD, graduating Summa cum laude, in 2012. She is also the founder and CEO of Lean in Femspace, a community of professional women living and working in Austria.

Congratulations, Erzsébet!